Usually my writing happens spontaneously; as a direct response to life’s events, something that has jarred me or has surfaced unexpectedly from the depths of my heart or mind, a deeply personal expression of something that has struck me suddenly, come upon me all at once. writing is how I respond to things I see, hear, read, feel, remember and can’t otherwise process or express… it takes the swirling of my mind out of my head, calms me and helps me to formulate my thoughts and at times to think what I want to say.

Despite the relief that writing affords me I have generally tended to destroy what I’ve written later on; poems, diaries, letters unsent… subjects too personal to leave testament to, not confident enough in my ‘voice’ to be able to bear to reread them or even have them exist. Over the last number of years when things felt really tough I wanted so much to write but usually didn’t have the heart to pick up a pen; didn’t know where to start.

I love to write but it’s rare that I have written outside of the context of feeling troubled… now a time has come in my life when some of the storminess has begun to abate and I no longer feel like I am being buffeted relentlessly by the waves… and the yearning to write that I have ignored, put off, suppressed and side-lined has decided to make itself felt again, a little stronger now, so I have decided to make time for that yearning; time to write, to reflect and opine, and to create a space to connect with others about the myriad of things that interest and move me.

I still don’t know ‘where to start’ but nonetheless I’ve begun… my hope in this regard is to chart the journey I’ve had, the tests and challenges I’ve come through and the things that have crystalised for me, which have all served to strengthen my faith in my creator. Faith has transformed everything and made life beautiful. It is my intention to write, in the knowledge that thank God it all worked out ‘in the end’, in order to look at it afresh, in retrospect, and see the lessons and the blessings in all of it and, God willing, to find the courage to share my journey with others… and maybe have them share something of their journeys with me.

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  1. The Indian Revert Muslimah says:

    As salamu alai Kum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh sister. May I please nominate you for the 5picture-5 stories challenge? If you consent, then post being nominated you have to click/ select 5 photos and for 5 days write a story about them each. Also, with every post you will have to nominate another blogger.

    It is a fun activity. Please let me know if I may nominate you. There is no compulsion however 🙂

    Wa alai kumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

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  2. inidna says:

    I can very much relate to what you say when you talk about what writing means to you. Writing is my personal (and free!) therapy and I’m glad that I have it. Although often times I still write when I’m most affected by the negative events in my life I hope to some day write about the positivity in these challenges and overcoming them, as you are now. I’m glad to have stumbled across your blog 🙂

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    • Jannah As My Goal says:

      That’s exactly what it’s like… though getting to the point of writing was preceded by more than two years of counselling and then some ‘just sitting with it’ time… thanks for reading 🙂


  3. lobsterbird says:


    we met many moons ago during Blogging 101 and i am still loving your deep thoughts on life. i finally accepted a Liebster Award that i got during that time and was reminded of your wonderful writings. so i nominated you if you want to participate or not — no pressure! but it’s there on the webs and i am sending you lots of nomadic spirit love through it!


    are you still writing? i hope so! look forward to reading more soon 💞

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  4. Wholesome Samia says:

    Salam Sis, Do you have an email I can get in touch with you? I saw your comment on stellar blog post and wanted to find out what practitioner you went to get tests done, I’m based in London.


  5. AwaisWords says:

    Beautiful blog sister.
    I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to Islam, I hope you are treated with the utmost respect.
    I love your blog, very simple yet meaningful!
    Follow mine and have a read if you haven’t already,


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